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Popular deadlines are listed on this page for your convenience and interest purposes.

Green technologies:
IGEM conference. This is a spinoff of MIT. It is best registered for in April.
Late fees are assesed after May first. We have access to MAYA and autodesk products, which are an important sponser.
MAYA is provided for free while at the workshops/conference. It is also available as a free trial.
The fee for this software, is $1000 per year if anyone wants services, there is this initial investment.

2012 Wisconsin hunting. Most important and popular is gun dear hunt Nov 17th for 10 days. You are allowed to hunt using my license if I am within sight of you, even if you are out of state. However, the past 15 years there has been a deadline of mid August and many complex rules.
Luckily, Wisconsin has a new Republican Governor, and he is cutting back the top-heavy restrictions. There is now an 'antless dear season statewide December 6 to 9th. In norteastern Wiscosin, antlerless is much more common. Trophy fish and deer in Wisconsin dropped into sever decline after the 1950's. Popular areas in the past now have significant populations of Masauga snakes and indian reservations with their wild west conditions and almost no federal park police or law enforcement.

We are located away from such areas, although for the truly hard core explorers, the Necedah national park is within easy driving distance.
The Necedah national wildlife refuge allows vehicles ONLY IF there is no open dear hunting season. Bow seasons are all of December and also September, so this is a closed area in those ideal months.
It is not possible to scout this area on foot during the season, so, there is effectivly a time deadline.

We have a wide variety of trailers and outbuildings available as a camp depending on how 'rough' you like to hunt. Other hunting deadlines are posted at

Also by popularity - very popular hunting and fishing are:
Pheasants dog shows and retriever sports: Noon of October 20th to December 31
Crow (for younger): January 19 to March 20 and September 15 to November 15.
Difficult species to hunt or eat: Canda geese Sept 1-Sept 15.
Duck - no available regulations till August. Mostly local reservations required
Fly fishing: The northeast area has a great potential, but its a secretive local sport.
Site and Tourist popular sites: The northeast Wisconsin area has the highest density of waterfalls of anywhere in the USA.
Cauldron Falls, Dave's falls, Peshigo River dam /caves and others.

Power Sports: (4 Wheel trails): We use smaller 4 wheel vehicles because the can be outfitted with floatation devices for river current power drifting activitys. Most rivers in Wisconsin do not allow motors. Our area is NOT a canoe only zone, a huge incentive to offer these services. There are trails, but many curves and mudholes which are fun, but the dust when it's dry is a trip killer.
Trails are 3 hour tours or 100 plus mile trails that require prior plans and scouting.
While trails are well groomed, naviation is very confusing and GPS and other cell services unreliable.

Power Sports: (Motorcycles): I have a rare Kawasaki 600 eliminator highly customized for touring. I do not recommend this bike or copies be made of it as it has a reputation as a man killer.
Such safety modifications are another example of how my internet guided travel service makes more sense than traditional habits. We all tend to be creatures of habit. Its reason in itself for planning an expeditionary travel. As you get more experience, invention and emerging applications are often tied up in expeditionary travel. We just define it the way we do because it is not the PRIMARY motivation.